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Protecting Your Estate & Assets from Death, Disability & Lawsuits

Advanced Planning – What is it?


Advanced planning uses special legal techniques and strategies to:
• Protect your assets against lawsuits and judgments
• Make your property and wealth “invisible”.
• Avoid capital gains taxes on the sale of appreciated property.
• Stop the IRS from imposing extra death taxes on your estate.

Lawsuits And Asset Protection

If you have assets over $1 million or own a business you are a target for big lawsuits. Lawsuits and judgments in California have increased by 400% in the past 5 years.
Nowadays, unless you have several million dollars of liability insurance, you could be sued and lose everything in just one lawsuit. Don’t wait until you get sued. By then it may be too late to protect your assets.
We have several methods to protect your assets from lawsuits and to make your assets “invisible”.

Penalty Death Taxes Can Take Everything

If you have an estate over 1 million dollars the IRS can take 41% to 55% of the unprotected estate.
There are other special trusts you can set up to eliminate further death taxes on larger estates.

Capital Gains Tax Deferment

If you sell appreciated property during your life you can loose 35% to 45% to the Capital Gains tax. A Capital Gains Bypass Trust allows you to convert a taxable asset into a tax-deferred asset similar to an IRA.
It allows you to sell highly appreciated property now but defer the tax on it for several years. You get to keep the money you would have paid the IRS and invest it and earn interest on it until you die.