Darling Law Office

Protecting Your Estate & Assets from Death, Disability & Lawsuits

Who Needs Advanced Planning?


Advanced planning is for people:
• With larger estates over $1 million.
• With rental properties.
• Who own a business.
• Who want to avoid capital gains taxes on the sale of property.

Advanced planning is for anyone who wants to protect their assets from lawsuits, death taxes, and capital gains taxes.


We are one of the few law firms in So. California that specializes in these Advanced Estate and Asset Protection programs. We have done over 1000 advanced planning programs. Mr. Darling has also completed a tour around the U.S. gathering ideas at seminars from several other specialists.

Fees Fully Deductible

Because the purpose of this legal work is to reduce and/or eliminate the IRS death tax and protect your assets, 100% of the fees are fully deductible on your income taxes.

Free Consultations

We do offer free consultations regarding Advanced Planning and Asset Protection techniques. If you would like a free consultation to further explain and discuss your options, please call our office for an appointment.