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What Others Say


We believe our documents and legal services are some of the best in the nation. But don’t take our word for it. Here are some comments from clients and others who have had an opportunity to review our work:

– “We took our documents to our bank. They told us they see many attorneys’ work and that yours was the best.”
– “One of my client’s brought in the living trust documents you prepared. I have not seen any that are as well drafted as yours. I’d like to recommend your office to all my clients.” (Insurance Agent)
– “Your client came to see me regarding a litigation matter. I had to review your work, and must say you have done a very thorough and comprehensive job on his behalf.” (Northern Calf. Attorney)
– “Our regional office reviewed your work on a client and frankly it is the best I have seen. I’d like to talk to you about your handling all my clients.” (Stockbroker)
– “It was just as you said. you made it so easy for us to understand and do what we had to do.”

We believe you will be remarkably pleased with the quality of our work and how easy we make it for you to actually receive the benefits of your estate or asset protection plans.


“I learned more in the first 5 minutes from you than in 3 hours at another seminar I attended.”
“All the other seminars were a waste. Yours finally made sense of living trusts.”
“Your booklet is the best I have seen. It really helps people understand. When I first started out, I read it myself to help me fully understand Living Trusts.” (Certified Public Accountant)
“I was expecting a crowded room full of people. But your seminars are much more personal, relaxed, friendly, and informative.”
“Some of these seminars try to pressure you into making a decision, but you just try to help us understand our options. I felt very comfortable here.”
“No body was able to answer my particular questions at the other seminar, but you answered everyone’s specific questions.”
“Finally it makes sense, I don’t know why other attorney’s can’t explain it as simply as you do.”

Please join us at one or our seminars. We think you will learn more about wills, probates, and living trusts than you have ever learned before.