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Protecting Your Estate & Assets from Death, Disability & Lawsuits

Who Needs A Living Trust?


You have an estate of $20,000 or more.
You own a residence or other real estate.
You don’t want your family to pay probate and attorney’s fees
after your death.
You have minor children.
You want to make sure your children aren’t disinherited if your
spouse remarries.
You don’t want your wife or your children to wait years to get
their inheritance.
You want to double your death tax deduction (married couples).
You want to protect your children’s inheritance from their
creditors or IRS.
You want to keep your estate and finances private.
You want to prevent the county from taking control of your
assets if disabled.
You want to eliminate the costs/expenses of a conservatorship
if you become disabled.
You want to make sure the children cannot take part of the
property or assets from your spouse until after your spouse
You want to protect your children’s inheritance in case they get
You have children from a previous marriage.
You want to provide something for your children’s or
grandchildren’s college education after you die.
You want to make sure the courts, attorneys and the IRS don’t
get part of your estate.
You have a son or daughter who has special problems such as
drug or alcohol.
You want to make it difficult for someone to contest your estate.