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Protecting Your Estate & Assets from Death, Disability & Lawsuits

What is a Living Trust?



It is a special document, authorized by law, that allows you to protect and control your assets and require your heirs to carry out all of your instructions after your death. A living trust puts you in complete control of your assets and allows you to insure your wishes will be carried out after you die but eliminate all the normal probate, attorneys fees, costs & expenses.

Eliminates Probate Costs and Attorney Fees
Unlike a will, a trust does not have to be probated. Therefore, you eliminate probate, attorney fees, court costs, commissions, and other fees and expenses that can take up to 25% or more of your life savings.

Because it eliminates probate, your estate never goes to court and therefore remains completely private.

Because it never goes to court, a good living trust makes it very difficult to contest your wishes and your distribution of your estate. Many people do living trusts just because they want to make sure that their wishes are not contested.